Nike Metcon 3 Tréninková obuv Low Price

Nike Metcon 3 Tréninková obuv Low Price

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  • Nike Dámská Obuv

  • Trénink a cvičeníBoty

  • Dark Grey/Glacier Blue/Black/Ghost Green

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    Běžná cena: 2 651,00 Kč

    Special Price 1 646,99 Kč

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    The fully updated Nike Metcon 3 Women's Training Shoe is ready for your most demanding workouts—from wall exercises and rope climbs to sprinting and lifting.

    Cushioned for Training

    An updated drop-in midsole is softer and more flexible in the forefoot—providing the versatility you need for running and cardio drills.

    Stability for Lifting

    A flat platform and a firm-rubber heel give you the powerful stability you need for explosive lifting.

    Lightweight and Durable

    With embroidered reinforcement in high-wear areas, the Metcon 3 is tough enough for intense training and light enough to help you stay fast on your feet.

    More Details

  • Flywire cables offer powerful lockdown
  • Mesh on the heel and ankle help keep you cool
  • Heel clip helps reduce drag during wall exercises
  • Sticky rubber in the forefoot provides powerful traction
  • Textured rubber wraps up the midfoot for durability during rope exercises
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